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ORDINANCE NO. 2005- 02 <br /> AN ORDINANCE relating to the identification, preservation, rehabilitation, and <br /> special property tax valuation of historic properties in Yakima, <br /> repeahng Chapter 11.60, Historic Preservation Ordinance for <br /> Special Valuation, of the City of Yakima Municipal Code, <br /> replacing YMC Chapter 11 60 with new Chapter 11 62, Historic <br /> Preservation Ordinance, to the City of Yakima Municipal Code <br /> which shall establish a Yakima Historic Preservation <br /> Commission, a Yakima Register of Historic Places, a process for <br /> fisting properties on said register, a review process for proposed <br /> changes to properties on the Yakima Register of Historic Places, <br /> and a review and monitoring process for special property tax <br /> valuation for certain historic properties in Yakima. <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY OF YAKIMA. <br /> Section 1. Chapter 11 60 of the City of Yakima Municipal Code is hereby repealed <br /> Section 2. A new Chapter 11 62 entitled "Historic Preservation Ordinance for Special <br /> Valuation" is hereby enacted as a new chapter to Title 11 of the City of Yakima <br /> Municipal Code, which new chapter and various sections thereof, shall read as follows. <br /> "Chapter 11.62 <br /> HISTORIC PRESERVATION ORDINANCE <br /> FOR SPECIAL VALUATION <br /> Sections. <br /> 11.62.010 Purpose <br /> 11.62.020 Short title. <br /> 11.62.025 Applicability. <br /> 11.62.030 Definitions. <br /> 11.62.040 Yakima Historic Preservation Commission. <br /> 11.62.045 Yakima Register of Historic Places. <br /> 11.62.050 Review of changes to Yakima Register of Historic <br /> Places properties. <br /> 11.62.060 Review and monitoring of properties for special <br /> property tax valuation. <br /> 11.62.010 Purpose. <br /> The purpose of this ordinance is to provide for the identification, <br /> evaluation, designation, and protection of designated historic and <br /> prehistoric resources within the boundaries of the city of Yakima and <br /> preserve and rehabilitate eligible historic properties within the city of <br /> 1 <br />