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ORDINANCE NO. 322:3 <br /> AN ORDINANCE related to building; enacting a historic <br /> preservation ordinance for special property tax <br /> valuation; enacting Chapter 11.60 and sections <br /> 11.60.010, 11.60.020, 11.60.030, 11.60.040, and <br /> 11.60.050 as a Chapter and sections thereof all <br /> of the City of Yakima Municipal Code. <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY OF YAKIMA: <br /> Section 1: Chapter 11.60 and sections 11.60.010, <br /> 11.60.020, 11.60.030, 11.60.040, and 11.60.050 are hereby <br /> enacted as a new Chapter and sections of the City of Yakima <br /> Municipal Code to read as follows: <br /> "Chapter 11.60 <br /> HISTORIC PRESERVATION ORDINANCE FOR <br /> SPECIAL VALUATION <br /> Sections: <br /> 11.60.010 Purpose <br /> 11.60.020 Title <br /> 11.60.030 Definitions <br /> 11.60.040 Local Review Board <br /> 11.60.050 Review and Monitoring of Properties for Special <br /> Property Tax Valuation <br /> 11.60.010 Purpose. The purpose of this Chapter is to <br /> preserve and rehabilitate eligible historic <br /> properties within the City of Yakima for future <br /> generations through special valuation, a property <br /> tax incentive, as provided in Chapter 84.26 RCW <br /> and as it may be amended. <br /> Except as expressly provided it is not the intent <br /> of this Chapter to expose anyone to criminal <br /> liability under Section 11.01.010 of this title <br /> for violation of or failure to comply with the <br /> terms of this Chapter. <br /> 11.60.020 Short Title. The following sections shall be <br /> known and may be cited as The Historic Preserva- <br /> tion Ordinance for Special Valuation. <br /> 11.60.030 Definitions. The following words and terms when <br /> used in this ordinance shall have the following <br /> meanings unless a different meaning clearly <br /> appears from the context <br /> A. 'Actual costs of Rehabilitation' means costs in- <br /> curred within twenty-four (24) months prior to <br /> the date of application and directly resulting <br /> from one or more of the following: <br /> 1) Improvements to an existing building located <br /> on or within the perimeters of the original <br /> structure; or <br /> 2) Improvements outside of but directly at- <br /> tached to the original structure which are <br /> 1110 necessary to make the building fully useable <br /> but shall not include rentable or habitable <br /> floor space attributable to new construc- <br /> tion; or <br /> - 1 - <br /> (ord/historic) <br />